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cirrhosa var purpurascens 'Freckles'

Nodding cream flowers, spotted inside with deep pink or red 'freckles', and with green-yellow stamens. Evergreen foliage. Raised from seed collected on Mallorca by Allen Peterson, who was at that time curator of the Chelsea Physic Garden. 'Freckles' was the nickname of the raiser's daughter Rebecca. The variety has received the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Group: Cirrhosa group
Approximate height: 4.0 - 5.0 metres
Flowering period(s): Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Aspect: Sunny
USDA zones: 7 8 9
Pruning: No pruning (Group 1)
Raised by: Raymond Evison
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Date raised: r1987 i1989
Parentage: Selection from cirrhosa var purpurascens
Other name(s): cirrhosa 'Freckles'; cirrhosa var balearica 'Freckles'

Further detail:

Flower diameter: 5-10cm
Tepals: 4; 5-7.5cm long, tapering, margin somewhat recurved

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Raymond J Evison