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Nodding, bell-shaped, yellow (or greenish-yellow) flowers covered in brown or golden hairs on the underside (outside) of the tepals. The flowers are normally in panicles with up to 7, occasionally up to 15, flowers. Christopher Grey-Wilson lists this species form as being distributed through S & SE China. Makoto Iijima has also found it in the Okinawa region of Japan.

Approximate height: 7.0 or more metres
Flowering period(s): Jan Feb Mar (Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec)
Pruning: Hard prune (Group 3)
Country of origin: S & SE China, Taiwan, Vietname, Indonesia, etc
Parentage: Species
Other name(s): acuminata subsp leschenaultiana

Further detail:

Tepals: 4; 2-3cm long, 0.5-1cm wide