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Pearly white flowers with a purple-violet stripe on the reverse which shows through as a pink bar. Yellow anthers. Raised by Francisque Morel of Lyon c1900. A beautiful cultivar introduced into the UK by Ernest Markham in 1934 (according to the International Register; Robin Savill says that it was William Rollinson. Markham was Rollinson's Head Gardener at Gravetye Manor). Awarded the RHS Award of Merit in 1934 and of Garden Merit in 1984.

Group: Late large-flowered group
Approximate height: 2.5 - 6.0 metres
Flowering period(s): Jul Aug Sep Oct (Nov)
Aspect: Full sun
USDA zones: 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pruning: Hard prune (Group 3)
Raised by: Francisque Morel
Country of origin: France
Date raised: b1914
Parentage: Unknown
Other name(s): huldine; viticella 'Huldine'; mis-spelling 'Haldine'

Further detail:

Flower diameter: (5-) 7-10cm
Tepals: 6; 4-5cm long, 2-2.5cm wide, elliptic, pointed

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