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'Warwickshire Rose'

Small, fdeep rose-pink flowers with yellow stamens. A seedling of C. montana 'Rubens' found by garden designer, John Williams, growing in his garden. Named by Mr. Williams for two reasons, Warwickshire after his home county and Rose after his mother. On a warm, sunny day has a wonderful chocolate fragrance.

Group: Montana group
Fragrant: Yes
Approximate height: 5.0 - 7.0 metres
Flowering period(s): May Jun
Aspect: Any aspect
Pruning: No pruning (Group 1)
Raised by: John Williams
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Date raised: b1994
Parentage: Seedling of C. montana 'Rubens'
Other name(s): montana var rubens 'Warwickshire Rose'; montana 'Warwickshire Rose'

Further detail:

Flower diameter (4-) 5-7cm
Tepals: rather narrow, apiculate