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Very small, nodding, purple red flowers, inside white with purple-red upper margins and tip. White, downy filaments and pale yellow anthers. Sometimes slightly scented. The name means "angel's necklace" in Japanese.

Group: Viorna group
Fragrant: Yes
Pruning: Hard prune (Group 3)
Raised by: K Sugimoto
Country of origin: Japan
Date raised: i2012
Parentage: Selected from natural hybridization between addisonii seedlings
Other name(s): None known

Further detail:

Flower diameter: 1-2cm
Tepals: 4; 2–2.5cm long × 1–1.5cm wide, ovate-lanceolate, thick and fleshy, fused for up to three–quarters of length, upper margins white-downy, tip acuminate and strongly reflexed