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'UNAI 003'

Medium-sized flowers, inside strong violet with deep purplish red bar, ageing to brilliant violet with pale yellow-green bar; outside brilliant violet with pale yellow-green bar. Stamens c.60; filaments light yellow-green; anthers pale yellow-green.

Group: Late large-flowered group
Approximate height: 1.0 - 1.5 metres
Flowering period(s): May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Pruning: Hard prune (Group 3)
Raised by: A Kivistik
Country of origin: Estonia
Date raised: 1982
Parentage: Un-named 'Jackmanii' seedling, open-pollinated
Other name(s): None known

Further detail:

Flower diameter: 10cm
Tepals: 6-7; 7cm long × 5cm wide, deltoid, overlapping, with entire margins but irregularly wavy throughout blade, tip acute

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Uno and Aili Kivistik