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'Roz Kelly'

Small, semi-double, narrowly bell-shaped, lilac flowers, sometimes with irregular splashes of very pale yellow-green to mid-green (particularly along margins) fading with age. Staminodes opening white, maturing sepal-like, up to 5 cm long. Stamens moderately numerous, hairy; filaments and connectives very pale yellow-green; anthers pale yellow. Named after a deceased friend of the raiser, a colleague from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir.

Group: Atragene group
Approximate height: 2.0 - 2.5 metres
Flowering period(s): Mar Apr May
Pruning: No pruning (Group 1)
Raised by: K Black
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Date raised: r2015 n2019
Parentage: ‘Willy’ open-pollinated (s) × (possibly × ‘Broughton Bride’)
Other name(s): None known

Further detail:

Flower diameter: 7cm
Tepals: 4; 7cm long × 2 cm wide, narrowly elliptic, pubescent (especially outside), gappy, with slightly undulate margins, very long-pointed with aristate apex, tip slightly recurved