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tibetana subsp.. vernayi var vernayi 'Orange Peel'

Nodding, golden yellow flowers with thick tepals ageing to deep orange-yellow. Purple-brown stamens. Just before opening, the buds are almost globular in shape. (Wim Snoeijer asserts that flowers of the original plants in this collection did not darken with age. He also tells us that the real 'Orange Peel' can be distinguished from all other tanguticas by a tiny little bulge at the end of the open tepal; if it's not there, it's not 'Orange Peel'.)

Group: Tangutica group
Approximate height: 4.0 - 5.0 metres
Flowering period(s): Jul Aug Sep Oct
Aspect: Sun or semi-shade
Pruning: Hard prune (Group 3)
Other name(s): tibetana subsp vernayi L&S 13342

Further detail:

Flower diameter: 4cm