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A N Volosenko-Valenis
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A N Volosenko-Valenis was born in September 1928 in Polotsk in the Belarus Soviet Republic. In 1951 he joined the staff at the State Nikitsky Botanic Garden in Yalta.

By March 1967, Volosenko-Valenis had hybridised and raised many of the first clematis cultivars of Russian origin and had published nine articles about the selection and propagation of clematis. During this work he assembled a major collection of clematis which was subsequently passed over to Professor M A Beskaravainaya, a frequent collaborator with him.

A N Volosenko-Valenis died in June 1967, at the peak of his career.

Based on an obituary by M A Beskaravainaya in Clematis International 2002 with permission.