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Clematis are notoriously difficult flowers to photograph and many of us will have books in our posession with at least some photographs that have caused the outburst "but it's not that colour at all!"

The photographs on this site have been supplied by reputable sources and it is our intention that over a period of time we should amass as accurate and as representative a collection as we can. The images on the site that originate with 'Clematis on the Web' (those copyright Ian Lang or Richard Green) are normally reductions from at least 1600x1200 (usually considerably more) digital images. It is our contention that accurate colour rendition on a well-adjusted computer monitor should be much more straightforward than the task that faces printers and publishers.

In order that we can improve this service, by completing our collection of images and by weeding out and replacing dubious photographs, your help is needed. If you have a photograph to illustrate, or better illustrate, one of our entries please get in touch. An appropriate copyright notice will be displayed beneath the image if we use it. The heavily-used reference facility that we have built up has benefited from many photographs supplied in this way.

Ultimately for each clematis we should like to provide two pictures of the flower, a 'habitat' shot showing the whole plant, and a photo each for bud, seedhead and leaf formation.

In the first instance, please e-mail us using this link.