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Clematis 'Madame Abel Chatenay'

Pale purple, tinged blue. Now believed lost to cultivation.

We are grateful to Patrice Huet, great-grandson of Madame Chatenay, for the following information:

"This flower was shown by Georges Boucher to the 'Comité d'arboriculture, d'ornement et forestière' of the 'Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France' at a meeting held in 1901; a short mention appears in the proceedings of the meetings, published in 1902.

"This clematis is a lanuginosa; its parents were 'Madame van Houtte' and 'Monsieur Blanchet'. [Note: there is no 'Monsieur Blanchet' recorded, but there is a 'Docteur Blanchet' and a 'Président Blanchet']

"The flower is very large, flat, light purple with a shade of light blue : "C'est une jolie plante à fleur très grande, plane, mauve clair, tirant légèrement sur le bleu de ciel".

"As far as I know, it was not marketed in the following years.

"The Boucher flower farm was established in Paris, on Avenue d'Italie."

Raised by:G Boucher
Country of origin:France
Parentage: infodot'Madame van Houtte' x 'Monsieur Blanchet' (see above)
Other name(s):None known

Database entry: 2365