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Clematis montana 'Lilacina'

Flowers like those of its parent, montana var rubens but larger and with lilac blue tepals. Yellow anthers.

The photograph shows a cultivar being sold in the UK as montana 'Lilacina' and Susan Wilson's image is true to the form pictured on the plant label. However, this form does not obviously match the colouring described in the literature.

Group:Montana group
Approximate height: infodot7.0 - 10.0 metres
Flowering period(s): infodotMay Jun
Aspect:Any aspect
Pruning:No pruning (Group 1)
Raised by:Lemoine et Fils
Country of origin:France
Date raised: infodotc1910
Parentage: infodot montana var grandiflora x montana var rubens
Other name(s):Wrongly: montana 'Lilacine'

Database entry: 308