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Clematis 'Micchann'

Medium sized, flat or flattish yellowish-white or pinkish-white flowers with a pinkish central bar; outside similar but with a greenish-yellow bar. Slightly scented. Filaments pale yellow-green, connectives yellow-green, anthers light orange-yellow. Seed heads persistent.

The pollen parent, Aquilegia does not belong to Clematis however both parents belong to the same Ranunculaceae family. The breeder considers this apomixis rather than intergeneric hybridisation.

The cultivar epithet ‘Micchann’ is a nickname used by the Registrant for his wife.

Group:Early large-flowered group
Approximate height: infodot1.0 - 1.5 metres
Flowering period(s): infodotApr May
Pruning:Light prune (Group 2)
Raised by:T Sano
Country of origin:Japan
Date raised: infodotr2015 n2021
Parentage: infodot WADA'S PRIMROSE patens 'Manshuu Ki'  (s) x Aquilegia sp
Other name(s):None known
Further detail:  infodot
Flower diameter: 11.5-14cm
Tepals: 8-10; 5.8-7cm long, 2.4-3.6 cm wide, sepal margins rolled inwards after opening, gradually becoming flat, narrowly to broadly elliptic, thick and fleshy, overlapping, long-pointed, tip acute with apiculate apex, tip slightly recurved on maturity, touching at base but with gaps between just prior to sepal drop

Database entry: 4381